Musgrove Park Hospital to take part in a worldwide awareness day to STOP pressure ulcers - 17 November 2014

Musgrove Park Hospital to take part in a worldwide awareness day to STOP pressure ulcers - 17 November 2014

Somerset Pressure Ulcer Collaborative will be supporting STOP pressure ulcers day on 20 November Pressureby organising events to raise awareness of the issue.

A pressure ulcer (also known as a pressure area, pressure injury or bedsore) is an area of damage to the skin and underlying tissue that can result from sitting or lying in the same position for too long. Pressure ulcers can affect a person’s recovery from illness; they may cause discomfort or distress and can prolong a stay in hospital. If left untreated they could get worse and could make that individual very ill.

You are at risk of developing a pressure ulcer if you:

  • Have a problem moving and cannot change your position
  • Cannot feel part of your body or use a wheelchair
  • Are incontinent
  • Are seriously ill / have a long term health illness
  • Are having surgery
  • Have poor nutritional intake
  • Are very young or very old
  • Have an illness which makes you more sedentary than usual.

When you become unwell you should regularly look at your skin for pink patches on fair skin which do not fade quickly or purple patches on darker skin. Also look for swollen areas, blistering or hard skin over a bony area.

Somerset Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist Vanessa Redwood recommends that; “To prevent yourself getting pressure ulcers, you should check your skin regularly for pink marks, change your position regularly, keep your skin clean and dry and eat a balanced diet and drink lots of fluids.

“If your skin stays pink for longer than half an hour you need to seek further advice. If you cannot check your skin yourself then please ask someone to help you.

“The majority of pressure ulcers are completely preventable. The aim of STOP pressure ulcer day is to raise awareness of the condition to prevent any patients in Somerset from experiencing this distressing condition.”

On 20 November members of the senior nursing, therapies and midwifery teams and Tissue Viability Nurses at Musgrove Park Hospital will be going to all the wards and outpatient departments promoting good skin care and teaching staff and patients on the importance of preventing pressure ulcers. Within the community there will be a bus tour of Bridgwater Fore Street, Taunton Hankridge Farm and Yeovil Middle Street were specialist nurses will be available to give help and advice to the general public on the importance of pressure injury prevention. There will also be activities hosted by local GP surgeries, care homes and nurses within the community to support world STOP pressure ulcer day.

If you have any concerns about bed sores please contact your GP. More information can be found on