We don’t always get things right, but we are committed to learn - 27 May 2014

We don’t always get things right, but we are committed to learn - 27 May 2014

At Musgrove Park Hospital our priority is to provide our patients with the best possible care and treatment in a timely way.

Over the winter of 2012/13 we saw an increase in demand for all of our services across the hospital. This pressure, coupled with a loss of capacity in ophthalmology and increases in demand for some ophthalmic services last summer (2013), led to a number of our patients having to wait longer than we would like for their treatment.

To enable us to treat patients as soon as possible, without also making other patients wait longer than they should have to, we appointed Vanguard Healthcare, a provider of interim surgical facilities and services across the UK, to help us treat more of our patients sooner. We have successfully used Vanguard before on other projects and they have also worked with a number of other NHS trusts and private healthcare organisations.

Treatment of patients at the facilities commenced at the beginning of May. Early into the arrangement it became apparent that technical issues in the facility had arisen and it became necessary to cease the service arrangements in place. This decision supports our commitment to patient safety and, accordingly, we have launched a full investigation in to the matter.

We have spoken to all those patients who were treated and most have now had a follow-up appointment. We have plans in place for their ongoing treatment.

Due to this decision it means some of our patients, many of whom had already waited longer than they should have, will now have to wait again for their operation.

We are very sorry this has happened and are working to put a solution in place so that these patients will receive their treatment as soon as possible.

As I said at the beginning of this statement, we are committed to ensuring our patients receive the highest quality care and treatment in a timely way; and we will take all learning from this to improve in the future.

Jo Cubbon

Chief Executive