Smokers to get ready for battle on No Smoking Day - 12 March 2014

Smokers to get ready for battle on No Smoking Day - 12 March 2014
No Smoking DayOne in five UK adults smoke but studies show around two thirds of smokers want to quit. 
This year’s No Smoking Day has a ‘V for Victory’ theme which is set to inspire hundreds of thousands of smokers to win the fight against cigarettes.
Musgrove Park Hospital and Somerset NHS Stop Smoking Service have, once again, joined forces to help smokers on the road to victory. All this week (Monday 10th March to Friday 14th March) staff, patients and visitors are being given the opportunity to access information, support and encouragement from a stand by the pharmacy in the Duchess building.
Caroline May from the Somerset NHS Stop Smoking Service said: “No Smoking Day is a great opportunity for us to encourage and support smokers to quit alongside hundreds of thousands of other people across the UK.
“We know that quitting isn’t always easy but we want to reassure smokers that support is available to them and that they can win the battle against cigarettes. 
“There’s a much higher chance of succeeding with support and this is why Musgrove Park Hospital is spreading the word to smokers about the range of services and resources which are locally available to them. Our activity is crucial to helping smokers on the road to victory and towards a healthier and wealthier smoke-free life.”
There will also be a particular focus in the maternity department. Hayley Stone, Stop Smoking Specialist Midwife is leading on the implementation of national guidance which screens all pregnant women for carbon monoxide.
Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which is harmful to the growth and development of the unborn baby. It is present in cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and faulty gas appliances.
All community midwives have carbon monoxide monitors which measure the levels of carbon monoxide in the woman’s body via a simple breath test.
Hayley said “Feedback from midwives has been positive, with an overall view that this latest resource has helped women and their families understand the damaging effects of carbon monoxide, which is mainly caused by smoking. It has given women and their families an incentive to be referred to the Smokefree Families Practitioner within the Somerset NHS Stop Smoking Service for help and support to stop smoking.”
The annual No Smoking Day campaign is run by the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and encouraged one million smokers to make a quit attempt last year. 
Dr Mike Knapton, Associate Medical Director at the BHF, said: “Our ‘V for Victory’ message is set to inspire smokers to win the battle against cigarettes even if they’ve already attempted to quit in the past.
“Quitting smoking is the single best thing people can do for their health and we want to arm smokers with information and support that will send them on the road to victory. We’re encouraging smokers to mark Wednesday 12 March in their diary to join hundreds of thousands of other quitters in attempting to stub out cigarettes for good.
For more information and support to help you quit as well as an online forum where you can talk and get motivation and support from thousands of quitters, visit
Somerset NHS Stop Smoking Service can be contacted by calling 0303 033 9840 texting MYQUIT to 80010 or via Support is available across Somerset.
Pictured are: The Taunton Stop Smoking team together with Sara Dove, Somerset NHS Stop Smoking Service Manager with their CO monitors