Visit Musgrove Gallery’s latest exhibition at Musgrove Park Hospital - 23 June 2014

Visit Musgrove Gallery’s latest exhibition at Musgrove Park Hospital - 23 June 2014

The new ‘impressions’ art exhibition is currently on display at Musgrove Park Hospital’s art gallery.

The exhibition, situated in The Musgrove Gallery in the hospital’s Queen’s Building, features a selection of Somerset printmaker artists artwork, which explore the essence of printmaking and references aspects of the hospital’s work in the plaster room and diagnostic imaging department.

Each artist has explored their own definition of the word ‘Impression’ to create prints which express the physical qualities and characteristics of the printing process itself. The exhibition includes woodcuts, monoprints, etching, photo-etching and digital prints, all techniques which differently consider the nature of printing.

Sara Dudman, curator at the Musgrove Gallery, says: “This exhibition invites visitors to explore the similarities and differences between printing and image-creation for artistic and scientific purposes, and also demonstrates the wide range of materials and processes used in practice to aid patients’ recovery.”

Centring on the work of the printmakers, the exhibiting artists comprise of Angela Naunton-Davies, Bronwen Bradshaw, Jacy Wall, Ros Marchant, Jane Mowat, Jenny Graham, Pennie Elfick, Susan Gradwell, Tony Martin and Vera Sheaf. Their prints encompass a broad range of interpretations of printmaking, testing boundaries between traditional hand-made prints and digital and photographic processes.

The exhibitions programme within the Musgrove Gallery seeks to offer opportunities for staging exhibitions which stimulate and uplift patients and visitors and also connect with the hospital environment and function itself.

The exhibition is open every day 24 hours per day in The Musgrove Gallery (link between the Queens and Duchess Buildings), Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.