Musgrove one of the first hospitals to ‘Sign up to Safety’ - 25 June 2014

Musgrove one of the first hospitals to ‘Sign up to Safety’ - 25 June 2014

Sign up to Safety: Listen, Learn, Act


Listening to patients, carers and staff, learning from what they say when things go wrong and take action to improve patients’ safety.

Musgrove Park Hospital has today been announced as one of 12 NHS organisations nationwide launching a new national initiative Sign up to Safety.

Sign up to Safety is designed to help realise the ambition of making the NHS the safest healthcare system in the world by creating a system devoted to continuous learning and improvement.

In signing up to the campaign Musgrove is backing the campaign’s five core pledges:

  1. Put safety first.  Commit to reduce avoidable harm in the NHS by half and make public the goals and plans developed locally.
  1. Continually learn.  Make their organisations more resilient to risks, by acting on the feedback from patients and by constantly measuring and monitoring how safe their services are.
  1. Honesty. Be transparent with people about their progress to tackle patient safety issues and support staff to be candid with patients and their families if something goes wrong.
  1. Collaborate.  Take a leading role in supporting local collaborative learning, so that improvements are made across all of the local services that patients use.
  1. Support. Help people understand why things go wrong and how to put them right.  Give staff the time and support to improve and celebrate the progress. 

Medical Director Colin Close said: “Over the past nine years one of our priorities has been to continuously improve patient safety and ensure that there is a focus on safe care in everything we do.

“This has seen some really great results from our fantastic improvements in infection control rates to the progress we have made with falls and most recently, the work that has been carried out across the hospital to reduce the number of hospital acquired pressure ulcers.

“And although we have made real progress in improving safety for our patients and reducing avoidable harm, there is always more that we can do; which is why I am pleased that  we are supporting the ‘Sign up to Safety’ campaign – a pledge to support the national ambition to reduce avoidable harm in the NHS over the next three years.”

In signing up to the campaign Musgrove has set itself a series of its own pledges including:

    • We will be open with our patients, relatives and carers about their care and treatment
    • We will create an environment that embraces patient and staff feedback to continually learn and improve
    • We will be open and publish the learning from any serious incidents and complaints
    • We support staff to do the right thing, every time and to say when they can’t. We will acknowledge error and allow learning to occur.

Director of Nursing and Governance Carol Dight said: “We know we don’t always get things right for all our patients. In joining this campaign we want to refocus our priorities so that everything we do is aimed at providing the safest, high quality care for our patients here at Musgrove balancing learning and taking responsibility.”

In signing up to the campaign Musgrove has been asked to develop a plan which describes what we will do to reduce harm and save lives, by working to reduce the causes of harm and take a preventative approach.

More details on the campaign can be found at