Spell it out for National Transplant Week - 08 July 2014

Spell it out for National Transplant Week - 08 July 2014

Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital is supporting National Transplant Week, which takes place from Monday 7th to Friday 13th July. So get ready to get involved and help us raise even more awareness of organ donation.

Did you know that three people die in the UK every day in need of a transplant because not enough organs are available? Many families still say no to organ donation, this is often because they were unaware of their loved ones donation decision.

This year National Transplant Week’s campaign focusses on asking ‘you’ to spell out your decision to family and friends so that they aren’t left with the burden of deciding whether or not to donate your organs.

James Paget, Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation, said: “Nearly 40% of the population in the South West are on the Organ Donor Register (more than any other area in the UK) but when I speak to families they often don’t know their loved one is registered and wants to donate their organs.

“If you join the Organ Donation Register to pass on this amazing gift, please spellit out to your family and friends, it’s one less thing for them to worry about. From Tuesday, 8th to Friday 13th July we will have a stand in the Jubilee Building Concourse at Musgrove Park Hospital to help raise awareness and answer any questions you may have on organ donation.”

Not everyone is suitable to become an organ donor, indeed only 1% of all the people who die in the UK are able to donate organs after death, making them even more special.

Last year Musgrove Park Hospital was able to save and change the lives of eleven people through the generous gift of these donors and their courageous families.

Dr James Sidney, Intensive Care Consultant and Clinical Lead for organ donation, said: “Our main aim for all patients admitted to Musgrove Park Hospital is to treat them and get them well again. Unfortunately we are not able to help everyone. Some patients in this situation are in a position where they could help others by donating their organs after death.

“In this case the family are approached and offered the option of organ donation. The long-term organ transplant benefits are invaluable. Not only does it give someone a second chance, but transplants are a long term solution and less expensive than people being on medication for the remainder of their lives.”

Besides having the conversation about organ donation, signing up to the NHS Organ Donor Register remains crucial. Joining is quick and easy - to register visit