Musgrove’s Stroke team wins national award - 20 January 2014

Musgrove’s Stroke team wins national award - 20 January 2014

Musgrove Park Hospital’s stroke team has been named Team of the Year by the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP).

SSNAP (1)The award is a real accolade for the team as the programme is run by the Stroke Programme at the Royal College of Physicians. The Stroke Programme aims to improve the quality of stroke care by using a web tool to collect data to audit stroke services against evidence based standards.

The team were nominated for the accolade by Rebecca Larkham, one of Musgrove’s Stroke Nurse Practitioners, who said: “We are a determined team who are eager to demonstrate our achievements, but also highlight areas for improvement.”

The SSNAP web tool is used to collect specific data about the care patients receive when they are admitted to hospital following a stroke, such as how soon they received a CT head scan, how quickly they were swallow screened and whether they were directly admitted to a stroke unit within four hours of arrival at hospital.

This is a national audit which is reported quarterly, but locally the stroke team has chosen to use the information collected to report their targets on a monthly basis. This means that they are focused on ensuring their reporting is carried out on time and are therefore above average for the time taken to collect data.

“We are committed to collecting and entering data in a timely way, so that we can easily see where breaches have occurred and use this information to make timely service improvement.”

“For example we now have an internal target for patients with suspected stroke in the Emergency Department, to get to the stroke unit within three hours rather than four, as we were missing the four hour target for admission to the unit by only minutes.”

Sean Greatbanks, SSNAP Project Coordinator, said: “Your commitment to using your data to drive real service improvements for patients exemplifies the purpose of conducting the audit. We were also impressed by the multidisciplinary nature of your team working and the efficiency with which you ensure and lock records as close to real time as possible.”

Pictured are: Musgrove’s stroke team.