Sleep and Rest exhibition comes to the Musgrove Gallery - 12 February 2014

Sleep and Rest exhibition comes to the Musgrove Gallery - 12 February 2014

The new exhibition from Art for Life at Musgrove Park Hospital, running from 21st January 2014 – 31st March 2014 is called “Sleep and Rest”.


This exhibition explores states of rest, sleep and dreams, venturing into realms of fairy-tales.

Consultants at the Lung Centre in Musgrove Park Hospital are currently undertaking research into sleep in order to increase our understanding of sleep patterns and aid the diagnosis of sleep disorders, which they hope will lead to solutions and treatments that enable many more people to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Some of this research is shared in this exhibition and has strong connections to the visual explorations of sleep in the work of the exhibiting artists.

Alice Jones’ ethereal and mesmerising drawings of herself sleeping evoke a strong sense of the fleeting and unconscious world of sleep and dreams. She has created work in response to research into sleep undertaken through hospital sleep studies in London.  

Nina Kleinzeller has created mixed media works using pillow-cases and duvet-covers as the base for her artwork. The painted sleeping figures and animals, apparently resting their heads on real pillows, give such familiarity of our own bed it allows us all to replace the sleeping figures with ourselves.

The exhibition also includes large wooden reliefs which are panels from an over-sized bed which has spent time installed in a nearby wood, inviting people to spend the night sleeping under the canopy of leaves and stars and reacquainting themselves with nature; hopefully finding peace away from the daily world.

In a hospital environment, full of anxiety and stress, this exhibition hopes to provide a place of quiet retreat and an opportunity for a peaceful rest.

The exhibition is open every day 24 hours per day in The Musgrove Gallery (link betwe


en the Queens and Duchess Buildings), Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.

Pictured are: ‘Sleep’ by Alice Jones and ‘Lovers’ by Nine Kleinzeller