Musgrove consultant wins at the EHI Awards in London - 18 December 2014

Musgrove consultant wins at the EHI Awards in London - 18 December 2014

EHI AwardsConsultant cancer pathologist at Musgrove Park Hospital, Dr Frederick Mayall, has won the ‘Best Use of IT to Support Clinical Treatment and Care Prize’ at the prestigious E-Health Insider (EHI) awards in London, for open source software that he created to aid the reporting of cancer specimens.

More than 600 people attended the EHI awards, which took place at the Roundhouse in London, to celebrate the brightest and best of NHS IT. The awards recognised a number of innovations that promise to improve health care IT and bring a paperless NHS closer.

Musgrove Park Hospital took the ‘Best Use of IT to Support Clinical Treatment and Care Prize’ for its Free Diagnostic Pathology Software Project. This is an open source reporting system for cancer pathology that can be used across a wide range of platforms including PCs, iPads and iPhones.

The open-source software is speeding up the reporting of vital cancer tests in Somerset. The quality and speed of cancer diagnosis has an important bearing on outcomes for patients. However, many cancer labs still use old-fashioned software which can lead to delays in reporting results. Modern systems are expensive to install, often lack the capability to efficiently report complex cases and are difficult to use across multiple sites.

EHI Award

Dr Frederick Mayall, consultant cellular pathologist at Musgrove Park Hospital, said: “The Free Diagnostic Pathology Software project, created as part of a larger Department of Health sponsored project to improve processes in pathology labs, has developed web-based reporting software that overcomes many of the difficulties we have with moving cancer reporting into the digital age.”

The free, open-source software has been written using an easy to learn platform and supports hundreds of simultaneous users. The costs of installing and running the software are therefore low. The project could be a template for other areas of medicine that require highly specialist software and the project has secured some funding to allow it to work on with this. The model involves encouraging and training clinicians with an interest in IT to develop their own solutions from an open source template.

Dr Mayall added: “Winning this prestigious award is a great honor for us.”

In November 2013 The Free Diagnostic Pathology Project, was also awarded an NHS Innovation Challenge Prize by the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt.

For more information about The Free Diagnostic Pathology Software Project please visit their website:

Pictured is:Dr Fred Mayall receiving his trophy at the EHI Health Awards in London.

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