Mobile Chemotherapy Unit comes to Chard - 19 August 2014

Mobile Chemotherapy Unit comes to Chard - 19 August 2014

 Cancer charity Hope for Tomorrow and Musgrove Park Hospital are pleased to announce a fourth location for their Mobile Chemotherapy Unit. 

The unit will begin to visit the Tesco site at Chard on 26 September 2014 and will continue to go there on a weekly basis. This not only saves cancer patients in the area travelling long distances for treatment, but it also cuts down on potentially stressful waits, parking and fuel costs.Mobile Chemotherapy Unit.

Hope For Tomorrow

Patients under the care of Musgrove Park Hospital, who meet criteria related to their condition and treatment plan, are offered chemotherapy treatment on the mobile unit, which is staffed by specialist nurses from the hospital.

The mobile chemotherapy unit is named ‘Bumble’ after Lady Susie Moss’s mother. Both Sir Stirling and Lady Moss are Patrons of Hope for Tomorrow. They said: “We are thrilled that the Somerset Mobile Chemotherapy Unit ‘Bumble’ will be giving treatment at Chard from the end of September allowing more patients locally to benefit from having their chemotherapy closer to home”.

It costs Hope for Tomorrow £260,000 to build and maintain a Mobile Chemotherapy Unit for three years. As they receive no government funding, they are completely reliant on voluntary donations. To support their projects, please visit the website