Musgrove joins Macmillan trial to improve patient’s lives - 15 October 2013

Musgrove joins Macmillan trial to improve patient’s lives - 15 October 2013
Clinical nurse specialists from two cancer specialities at Musgrove Park Hospital have joined a national Macmillan cancer trial to help patients with their holistic care needs.

The trial, for skin and gynaecology cancer patients, means they are offered the opportunity to self assess their needs against a number of elements including emotional, physical and financial needs. From the data provided by the patient a personal care plan is created which the clinical nurse specialist then discusses with the patient. 

As a result of the care plan the clinical nurse specialist could refer the patient to other health professionals or services to assist them with particular needs; they could also use this information to signpost or talk through issues dependent on the nature and severity of the patients’ needs.
Jo Wilson, Macmillan Survivorship Project Lead, said: “The aim of the trial is to identify unmet and unknown patient needs in the early stages of a patients’ cancer journey so that their needs can be met by health and other services. This will hopefully prevent some problems from arising and the need for greater intervention and use of health and other services later in their treatment.”
“The self-assessment tool is being well received by patients and already its use is highlighting patient holistic needs that may well have otherwise remained hidden.”
Both cancer sites are piloting the tool with a selected group of patients in the first instance while both assessing how best the tool can be utilised and how patients benefit from its use.