Passing Through - Musgrove's New Exhibition - 24 May 2013

Passing Through - Musgrove's New Exhibition - 24 May 2013

The exhibitions programme at Musgrove Park Hospital always aims to uplift the patients, staff and visitors’ experience of being in the hospital, which for many can be a stressful time.

The new exhibition, running from 21st May until 15th July is called “Passing Through” and explores the movement through the busy hospital environment.

The Musgrove Gallery, sited in the main corridor linking the Queens and Duchess Buildings, is a long thin space filled with busy movement.

All the artists in this exhibition have created artwork which reflects and expresses ideas of movement, journeys and transportation to echo the movement through the gallery. Many of the works are landscape format…..long and thin, so you can enjoy them as they form part of your journey as you pass through - they almost travel with you!

The artists have used a diverse range of methods and approaches to explore and understand their subject, from GPS data gathering and visualisation, photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, all used to document personal journeys and those of others.

The idea of recording and collecting the traces of what’s left behind as we pass through, such as footprints and spillages is explored, as is the turning of the tide and rhythms of movement in nature.

Two of the artists in the exhibition have both spent time here at Musgrove making drawings and gathering GPS data of the routes around the hospital to create and inform their work. One of the exhibition artists, Debbie Locke, describes her artwork: “This GPS drawing of the grounds of Musgrove Park Hospital is a document of activity, created by my walks here, echoing the journeys made by visitors, patients and staff through the myriad of entrances to the buildings.”

This exhibition will fascinate and intrigue as much as relax the viewer and in both cases will allow a moment of contemplation amidst busy lives.

Pictured is an image of artwork from the exhibition by Louise Baker.