Heard of Orthoptics? Well come and find out more.. - 31 May 2013

Heard of Orthoptics? Well come and find out more.. - 31 May 2013

Although most people have been to an Optician and know about the work they do, many of us have not heard of Orthoptics. Well the Orthoptics team at Musgrove Park Hospital are looking to change that.

The first International World Orthoptic Day is being held on Monday, 3 June and the Hospital’s Orthoptics team are taking the opportunity to raise awareness of the specialism by taking to the streets of Taunton.

The team, who specialise in visual development, eye muscle movement problems, binocular vision in children and double vision in adults, will be in the Orchard Shopping Centre this Saturday, 1 June (11am to 3pm) giving out information on Orthoptics and demonstrating some of the tests they carry out. The team will also be carrying out a ‘test your teddy’ examination to help children understand more about the tests they might experience if they need to attend an Orthoptic appointment.

Amy Lewis, Orthoptist at Musgrove Park Hospital said: “Many people do not know what Orthoptists do and we wanted to use the opportunity that World Orthoptic Day provides to change that as we are different from Opticians and Ophthalmologists.

“As Orthoptists we deal specifically with visual development in children and visual problems encountered by adults which means we see and treat children with very low vision in both eyes and adults with conditions such as double vision, which many adults think is untreatable.

“Seeing the difference we can make to people’s lives by providing children with very high prescription glasses and other reading aids so they can learn and develop properly at school, or helping adult’s double vision so they no longer see double of everything and can safely walk around is very satisfying.”

“We’re very keen to make people aware of the work we do as Orthoptists at Musgrove and look forward to seeing as many people as possible this Saturday.”

World Orthoptic Day is being organised by the International Orthoptic Association.