Musgrove MAFTA winners announced - 21 June 2013

Musgrove MAFTA winners announced - 21 June 2013

There is no shortage of exceptionally talented and dedicated staff at Musgrove and this Wednesday, 19th June the second annual Musgrove Awards for Tremendous Achievement (MAFTAs) were held to honour some of the very best.Peter Cavanagh Rosalinde Wyke

Over 12 categories the MAFTAS, sponsored by Schneider Electric and iPP, recognise clinical, educational and innovative achievements within the hospital as well as outstanding individuals, teams and volunteers.

This year there were over 150 nominations across the categories, just showing exactly how brilliant Musgrove’s staff are. These nominations were whittled down to a shortlist of three for each category, who were then invited to a celebratory MAFTAs dinner at Somerset County Cricket Club for the winners to be unveiled.

The evening was hosted by Musgrove’s Chief Executive Jo Cubbon and Dr Justin Pepperell, who brought real humour to the evening.

Jo said: “We have always known that staff at Musgrove are extremely talented and dedicated to their patients. I hear so many stories of how staff are using their own initiative to improve the quality and safety of the care they deliver to patients, and it’s wonderful that we are able to take this opportunity to really highlight some of those examples and say thank you.

This year’s special award was the Musgrove Fellowship award, which recognises the positive contribution individuals make to Musgrove over a number of years. This award was presented by hospital Chairman, Rosalinde Wyke.

Presenting the Musgrove Fellowship Award to Consultant Radiologist Dr Peter Cavanagh, Rosalinde said: “Dr Cavanagh has made a very real and lasting mark on Musgrove in his time at the hospital, as both Medical Director and then Chief Executive.

“As well as leading the hospital to gain Foundation Trust status, he started us on a journey which has come to define what Musgrove stands for – namely improving the quality of care we deliver, doing it safely and providing an excellent patient experience.’’

“I am delighted to be able to acknowledge the contribution Dr Cavanagh has made in this way and on behalf of everyone at the hospital I would like to thank him very much.”

Accepting his award Dr Cavanagh said: “It is a great honour to be recognised in this way but this is really an acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication of all the staff at the hospital. It is there commitment that has quite rightly earned them the reputation of one of the safest hospitals in the country.”

The other winners were:

Musgrove’s Got Talent: Musgrove’s Got Talent was an award open to anyone who had gained an educational qualification during the year.

Winner: Vicki Hardwill, Contract and Performance Assistant

Volunteer of the Year: Volunteer of the Year recognises individuals who shine as an example of someone who shows remarkable selflessness, devotion and service to Musgrove Park Hospital by enhancing the wellbeing of patients and/or their carers and who deserve wider recognition.

Winner: Joyce Standring

Leading Employee: This award recognises employees who regularly go above and beyond their job role to help the hospital deliver its objectives, bringing about change and/or clear benefits to patients and/or their carers.

Winner: Di Morgan, Sister in Colposcopy

Leading Team: The Leading Team award acknowledges a team that has made a difference to Musgrove, has improved patient safety or patient experience or has made the best use of the resources available.

Winner: The Dementia Team

Most Outstanding Debut: This award recognises the contribution of someone who has been at Musgrove for less than a year or has taken on a new role within the hospital in the last 12 months.

Winner: Claire Payton-Crisp, Co-ordinator for the Big Conversation and Listening into Action

Light Bulb Award: Acknowledges individuals or teams that challenge themselves to find innovative and creative solutions to improve the hospital’s performance.

Winner: Beacon Radiotherapy Open Evening Team

Adopting Best Practice: This award rewards individuals or teams who have seen great work going on elsewhere, and have successfully implemented this learning and best practice at Musgrove.

Winner: Antimicrobial Prescribing Group

Leadership and Motivation: This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated leadership and motivation skills to develop an effective and efficient team. The staff nominated for this award are a role model who sets and champions high standards.

Winner: Sue Spooner, Senior Sister Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Patients Choice Award: The Patients Choice Award recognises a member of staff or team who have made a real difference and have gone the extra mile to ensure the best possible experience for patients.

Winner: Chemotherapy Bus Team

Productivity for Patients: In recognition of the challenging financial times we currently find ourselves, this award recognises an individual or team that has done most to improve/reduce the cost of delivering our services.

Winner: The Estates Team

Green Champion: Through environment audits the hospital’s Sustainability Committee selected the wards or departments who have demonstrated the most efficient use of our resources.

Winner: Procurement

Musgrove Fellowship:This recognises individuals who have consistently made a positive contribution to Musgrove over a number of years.

Winner: Pete Cavanagh Consultant Radiologist

Pictured from left to right are: Dr Peter Cavanagh, winner of the Musgrove Fellowship Award, with Hospital Chairman Rosalinde Wyke.