Musgrove a leader for clinical research announced - 27 June 2013

Musgrove a leader for clinical research announced - 27 June 2013

Musgrove Park Hospital has been highlighted as one of the leading Hospitals for clinical research, when compared to other similar-size organisations.

A new league table published by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (the research delivery arm of the NHS) and The Guardian, placed the Hospital sixth nationally for clinical research activity for a hospital of its size (92 studies), and eighth overall when looking at the number of people recruited to take part in those studies (1581 people).

This is quite an achievement considering the hospital’s more rural location and aging population.

Consultant Rob Andrews said: “Clinical research is vital in enabling us to continue to improve the quality of care and treatment we can give to patients. We are committed to doing that here at Musgrove, which is why we have a dedicated team to focus on such a wide range of studies.

“Of course those studies would not happen without the generous support of our patients, and we really should be thanking them for helping us to look at how we can improve care for others in the future.”

Some of the trials recently carried out at Musgrove include: 

·         Molecular Genetic Studies of Neurodegenerative Disorders
·         Neonatal discharge package to increase parental confidence when returning home
·         The impact of exercise education and care for people with type 1 diabetes
·         Current NHS management of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Clinical research is a vital part of the work of the NHS as it provides evidence of “what works” so that treatments for patients can be improved. In addition, there is some research evidence to show that patients do better in hospitals and surgeries that carry out research – even if they do not take part in the research themselves.
The clinical research league table is available at
More information on Musgrove’s current clinical research studies can be found here