A Big Thank You to the Mortuary Team - 06 June 2013

A Big Thank You to the Mortuary Team - 06 June 2013

Musgrove’s Mortuary Team has been awarded the ‘Big Thank You’ for May.Director And Mortuary Team

The Big Thank You, which is supported by Taunton’s Buff Urban Day Spa, is a way of rewarding staff for their achievements.

Each month a different team in the hospital is selected for their hard work and outstanding success at Musgrove.

The Mortuary Team have been nominated for the Big Thank You this month after our Chief Executive, Jo Cubbon received a letter from the University of Bristol’s Institute of Clinical Neurosciences, praising the Mortuary staff and the service they provide.

Laura Palmer, South West Dementia Brain Bank Manager said, “In all our dealings with your hospital mortuary staff we have experienced willingness to help and excellent communication.

‘’They offer exemplary involvement for family and help with supporting their wishes at difficult times whilst we recognise they often have busy and unpredictable workloads.”

Presenting the team with a cake, the hospital’s Director of Operations and Governance, Carol Dight said: “The Mortuary Team can often be an unseen part of the hospital, which is why I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone for all their hard work.’’

A member of the team also has the chance to win gift vouchers worth £80, donated by Buff Urban Day Spa. Names are picked at random and this month’s winner was Karen Ford.

Pictured are Director of Operations and Governance, Carol Dight and members of the Mortuary Team.