Musgrove Gallery introduces ‘Ways of Seeing’ - 05 December 2013

Musgrove Gallery introduces ‘Ways of Seeing’ - 05 December 2013

The new exhibition from Art for Life at Musgrove Park Hospital, which is running from now until 20th January 2014, is called “Ways of Seeing”.

Ways Of Seeing

The exhibition aims to document and explore artists’ responses to and interpretations of the hospital environment. The title ‘Ways of Seeing’ echoes and reflects some of the different ways in which we see the hospital and healthcare more broadly. It also hints at the ways in which we can all see things so very differently - pleasure and fascination for one person can be pain and distress for another.

The exhibition seeks to address some questions at the centre of health and well-being: What do you see and what thoughts, memories or feelings do you personally associate with the hospital and healthcare?

It brings together five artists whose work has a connection with health, wellbeing, hospital and health environments.

Some of the artists have responded to their own health experiences. Andrew Toll’s fight with cancer, cared for at Musgrove Park Hospital, inspired him to begin painting and take up photography again. Liz Gregory’s traumatic mountain fall which she has documented in lino print began as a painful accident, yet the experience has driven the creation of a vibrant narrative series of prints. In both cases, these artists have used art as a medium for expression and communication to share their courage and strength.

The artists invite the viewer to consider ideas and experiences of health and well-being.

The exhibition is open all day, every day and is situated in The Musgrove Gallery (link between the Queens and Duchess Buildings), Musgrove Park Hospital, Taunton.

Pictured is Andrew Toll's Balanciing Stone