Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2013 - 11 April 2013

Parkinson’s Awareness Week 2013 - 11 April 2013

The annual Parkinson’s Awareness Week takes place between 15 and 21 April with the theme ‘Put yourself in my shoes’ at the forefront of the campaign.

The title of this year’s campaign was chosen by a person with Parkinson’s to focus on changing public attitude and increasing awareness of the day-to-day challenges faced by a Parkinson’s sufferer.

Musgrove Park Hospital Parkinson’s nurses Ann Treloggen and David Green work with individuals and carers who are affected by the disease throughout the Hospital and run clinics in Dene Barton and Chard giving advice and support.

Parkinson’s Nurse Ann Treloggen said “The Parkinson’s Nurses at Musgrove Park Hospital are keen to support and empower local people living with and/or caring for someone with Parkinson’s, “Parkinson’s Disease UK’s national campaign ‘Put yourself in my shoes’ will further heighten the public’s awareness and will enable us to continue to promote wellbeing within what is a complex condition.”

“We want to educate and facilitate those affected by Parkinson’s to ensure the best possible quality of life can be maintained.”

Simon Cooper, consultant Neurologist at Musgrove says “We are fortunate at Musgrove Park Hospital to have two dedicated part time Parkinson’s disease Specialist Nurses. They provide valuable support to our patients at many points in their journey for example early after diagnosis or if they are admitted to hospital as an emergency. “They have a key role in educating and supporting staff not familiar with Parkinson’s Disease and its management. They are the vital link between all the health professionals involved, facilitating consistent safe care when our patients are at home or in hospital."

Parkinson’s awareness events will be held throughout the South West; more information can be found at .