Celebrating the skills of Somerset at the Musgrove Gallery - 02 April 2013

Celebrating the skills of Somerset at the Musgrove Gallery - 02 April 2013

The new ‘Skills Unearthed at The Musgrove Gallery’ art exhibition will be on display at Taunton’s Musgrove Park Hospital’s art gallery between March 20 and May 20.

The exhibition, situated in The Musgrove Gallery in the Hospital’s Queen’s Building, features a selection of regional artists whose works celebrate the crafts and industries of Somerset both past and present.

A selection of traditional paintings, drawings and illustrations of rural life from the wartime will be displayed in conjunction with more contemporary images inspired by the old World War II airfield at Smeatharpe and the current rural environment.

The exhibition will provide an opportunity for patients and staff to celebrate their locality through the unique interpretations of the artists.

Featured artists have explored the exhibition subject through a variety of unique channels including dowsing, the traditional water sourcing method; personal memories of the area, and leaving a canvas in the river for nature to consume and by visiting local livestock markets.

Sara Dudman, curator at the Musgrove Gallery, says: “This exhibition brings together artworks which really celebrate rural Somerset past and present – it’s a ‘must’ for people of all ages and will trigger memories and uncover hidden treasures. I am delighted by the reception the exhibition has received so far.”

The exhibition will include artworks from artists: Syd Durston, Jon England and Karin Sabine-Krommes, Pauline Rook, Liz Gregory, Sara Dudman, Carly Batchelor, Maxine Green, Bronwen Grundy, Gordon Field and Katherine Creasey.

The Musgrove Gallery is an exhibition space situated in the Queen’s Building at Musgrove Park Hospital. The Gallery opened in 2009 and holds exhibitions throughout the year showcasing some of the local area’s best artists.

 Cyanotype print “Liberator” by featured artist Carly Bachelor.