Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award

Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Award

GEM Logo 2At Musgrove, we are committed to providing excellent patient care and making a real difference to people's lives. This means a lot to us, and it's why we have launched our Going the Extra Mile (GEM) awards...

We want to know when you have experienced someone at our hospital who has gone the extra mile for you; that could be by taking patient experience from good to great, adding an invaluable contribution to a piece of work, being a shining example of best practice, being a fountain of innovation, inspiring people with a fresh approach, leading the way in leadership, or anything else you think is worthy of a GEM award. 

If you think someone deserves a GEM award please tell us, so we can recognise this and inspire others. 

Click here to make your GEM award.

If you have any queries or problems, feel free to contact us via: