Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment

Somerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment

Sure LogoSomerset Unit for Radiotherapy Equipment (S.U.R.E). Registered charity Number: 1102299.

S.U.R.E is a local cancer charity, founded in 2000. It has wide spread support in the hospital's catchment area, with donations received from supporters throughout Somerset. Fundraising activities are organised by a small team who have all been affected by cancer and give their time freely to support the charity. S.U.R.E is proud that in excess of 99.5p from every £1 donated goes into the fund.

S.U.R.E. has provided Musgrove's Beacon Centre (cancer treatment centre) with a C.T scanner / simulator and to contributed to the running costs during its first three years.

More recently, over twenty items of advanced technology have been funded by S.U.R.E along with a facility to make screening masks for patients with facial and throat cancers. Fully equipped by S.U.R.E, this saves many patients travelling Bristol. 

The emphasis for S.U.R.E. is now to help the Beacon Centre to remain a “Centre of Excellence”. For example: S.U.R.E will provide equipment for new or better treatments that would not otherwise be available, or readily available, within the NHS budget. In this way S.U.R.E. will continue to help cancer patients receive the best possible treatment with the best chance of cure or recovery.

If you are interested in supporting S.U.R.E, please visit their website here