League of Friends

League of Friends

League Of Friends Logo May 2017The League of Friends have been helping at the hospital since they were formed in 1959. This fundraising arm provides the money to provide essential medical equipment which cannot be funded from central funds.

The League of Friends currently staff two shops within the hospital and also provide a trolley service which runs to the wards on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.

League of Friends volunteers are a friendly group of people, they always ensure that you never work on your own (always with an experienced buddy), and you can work as often as you wish. 

If you are interested in supporting them in this way please contact Jackie Booth on: 01823 34 2394 or email:

You can also visit the League of Friends website at

How League of Friends funding helps our patients

Without charitable funds from the League of Friends, our patients would not be able to benefit from some of the equipment not normally provided through Government funding within the National Health Service (NHS).

Here are just a few examples of how this is making a difference:

  • Upgrade of our basic life support mannequins for higher fidelity versions. This has improved training for clinical staff in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). It also allows real-time feedback about the effectiveness of an individual’s CPR, and training in the use of a defibrillator.
  • PICC (Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) and dynometer. This makes training more accessible for ward nurses, as it can now be taken onto the ward. This enables targeting of the key wards that provide parenteral nutrition (nutrition directly into the vein) to train these nurses on the complex care for patients. It will also help reduce the chance of a line infection.
  • Offering our cardiac patients a complex surgical procedure called Rotablation. This can save patients having to travel to Bristol, or having bypass surgery. Read more here.