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  The Starling Clinic

We are a Somerset based HIV services offering free and confidential HIV care, treatment and support to all people diagnosed with HIV.



If you are HIV positive and new to the area, or you wish to transfer your HIV care here, please contact The Starling Clinic by telephone, email or in person.

Referrals from other professionals can be emailed to the clinic HERE. Please include relevent medical history, medication history and results.


Please speak to the clinic staff to discuss the research we are involved with.

Post Exposure Prophylaxis


For occupational (non-sexual) HIV exposure please go to the nearest A&E within 72 hours of the exposure. They will organise blood tests and medication and then refer you to The Starling Clinic. For advice during working hours please phone The Starling Clinic on 01823 342619


For PEP following a sexual exposure please contact your local sexual health service.


The Starling Clinic

The Starling Clinic

Old Building

Musgrove Park Hospital



Telephone: 01823 342619


National HIV Testing Week and

World AIDS Day 2017

Please contact the Eddystone Trust for details of point-of-care testing venues in Somerset.


Our Team


Lead Nurse/CNS            

Dr Sathish Thomas William Jane Holder

Senior HCA

 Medical secretary

Fiona Vellam Sam Roach


Somerset HIV service is run from two sites, Taunton has a Monday- Friday service and Yeovil runs twice a month on a Thursday.

Appointments can be made in person, over the telephone or by email.

Appointments are available on Clinic days:


Wednesday and Friday


1st and 3rd Thursday of each month

Emergency appointments are available to book on other days. Unfortunately we are unable to offer any walk in clinics.


Sexual Health

To be tested for HIV or for sexual health checks please contact a sexual health clinic.

Click on the links below for clinic information;

HIV Self testing kits are available free of charge by post at:

This offer is part of a social innovation project lead by Dr Paula Baraitser from King’s College London and with support from Gilead UK.

Feature Block - Our Values

Our Values

We put our patients first by working as one team; leading and listening; and striving for the best. 



Flu Vaccine October 2017

Flu Vaccine information

In response to a query from about information being given by some GP practises to patients requesting flu jabs, the HIV Pharmacy Association (HIVPA) statement on flu vaccine and antiretrovirals is as follows:


It has been reported that some GP computer systems are giving the following high severity warning for influenza vaccination:

“Drug to Drug interaction. Avoid antivirals for at least 2 weeks after immunisation; avoid immunisation for at least 48 hours after stopping the antiviral.”


The HIV Pharmacy Association of the UK advise that there is no interaction between the flu vaccine and antiretrovirals. In summary, patients with HIV patients should:

  1. Have a flu vaccine as advised in Department of Health guidelines
  2. NOT STOP their antiretrovirals


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Public Health England November 2017: 

Towards elimination of HIV transmission, AIDS and HIV-related deaths in the UK